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【高媛 Kao Yuan】女人之間 The woman with ...


十二個月亮 12 Moons

出生於台灣高雄的 高媛 (Gao Yuan),16 歲便開始接觸攝影,已有 35 年拍攝生涯的她,活躍於國際。




自文藝復興以來,女性身體被動接受男性的展示、觀看、描繪在著名的作品中,因此在《女人之間...》系列,高媛以愛德華•馬內 (Édouard Manet) 的 Olympia 作為創作靈感,透過被攝者的肢體語言與身上的象徵物傳達他們對自由的渴望與突破世俗的審美觀。


女人之間 The woman with...

Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Gao Yuan began taking pictures at the age of 16 and has since established photography as a lifelong career.

Most of Gao Yuans’ creations are exploring Freedom of Thought, women and gender fluidity's right of self-determination, and air pollution. A photograph can express photographer and model, their appearance to their inner emotions and eventually extends to their social identity and culture.

She has been lived in Tokyo and New York for a long time and was invited to Mainland China for a site-specific creation called “12 Moons”. This idea was from the “Madonna and Child” during Italian Renaissance painting. She invited 12 Chinese mothers and their 3-8 months-old children from vulnerable villages all over China and the background of each photograph is a composite of several digital photographs and a “mash-up” of the new and old China. Gao wanted to bring the concept of “Orbicular Sky and Rectangular Earth” in Chinese culture to this series and implied that the round circle surrounded mothers and children was based on the patrilineal structure.

The boy with...

“For me, photography as a medium is already a very direct language. Some people would interpret the human body in a sexual way, however, I want to express the art of the human body with a visual language that is more subtle. ”, she said.

Since the Renaissance, female bodies have been passively displayed, viewed, depicted and recorded in famous paintings. “The Woman with……” series was based on the idea of Olympia by Edouard Manet. Gao Yuan focuses on body language that discusses gender concepts with an intuitive sense of conflict on the screen.

From different cultural backgrounds and perspectives, from the traditional to contemporary, from the East to the West, her work seeks to combine Eastern and Western cultures and reflect females who assert ownership over their bodies.


高媛將於 8/9 Portraits-The way in 肖像:探幽之徑 的藝術餐會中分享她與肖像間的故事與創作歷程,邀請您一同來聆聽。

You are invited to join us on Aug 9 at one of the hidden private kitchen in Taipei. Gao Yuan will attend to share the stories between herself and its portrait artwork. 
 - 時間 Time:6:30PM - 10:00PM, August 9-11, 2019 地點 Place: 狐偲 La Renardiere 了解更多資訊與訂票連結 EXPLORE MORE INFO & BOOK TICKETS: - 協辦單位 Co-organizer: 多納藝術 Donna Art

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