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the way in

9 - 11 August 2019

THE STUDIO invites you to join our next Art Dinner, "Portraits-The way in".

Each evening is an exploration through food and art of how we see ourselves and others through the topic of Portraiture.

Our collaborators include:

  • 3-4 Visual artists per evening--who will share their views on portraits and the process of creating art.

  • 30 Visual artists--who will display their work salon-style on the main wall of the dining area.

  • Chef Kay Huang--owner of La Renardiere, who designed the unique menu that will feature dishes inspired by the theme of Portraiture. 

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for only three days in Taipei. Tickets are already selling so we encourage you to act fast. We limit tickets to 20 seats per night.

Join us (either August 9, 10 or 11) to experience this memorable and meaningful event.


邀請您參與即將到來的藝術餐會「Portraits-The way in 肖像:探幽之徑」。


  • 3 個夜晚,與藝術家們近距離共進美食饗宴,傾聽 11 位藝術家 分享肖像的創作過程以及肖像與他們之間的故事。

  • 30 位藝術家 一同以沙龍形式展出肖像作品。

  • 私廚狐偲主廚 Kay Huang 特別以少女、嬰兒、紳士、老人等角色概念與個性作為餐點設計主題,結合法式料理手法,大膽將肖像與食物藝術發揮極致。



Co-organized 協辦單位 by Donna Art 多納藝術


9th - 11th AUGUST 2019

6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Event starts at 7:00 PM


狐偲 La Renardiere 

4F., No. 119號, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei


  • Standard ticket  2,800NTD per head /day, includes cocktails, dinner and 2 glasses of wine​

  • Indulge ticket 3,500NTD per head /day, includes cocktails, dinner and unlimited wine


5 Course French-inspired menu by Chef Kay Huang: 

  • The Teenage Girl – Colors | Excitement | Sweetness | Purity

  • The Beauty – Aroma | Tenderness | Grandeur

  • The Gentleman – Tobacco | Black | Masculinity | Leather

  • The Old Man – Autumn leaves | Setting sun | Memories | Earth 

  • The Infant – Light softness | Milky aroma | Baby pink

5 道法式肖像料理菜單:​

  • 少女 - 繽紛 | 雀躍 | 甜美 | 純淨

  • 美女 - 芬芳 | 嬌豔 | 華麗

  • 紳士 - 煙草 | 黑色 | 陽剛 | 皮革

  • 老人 - 落葉 | 夕陽 | 歷練 | 大地

  • 嬰兒 - 柔軟 | 奶香 | 粉嫩


安木 AinwoodsAnne ChenBernard Bordenave Vikram詹喻帆 Chan Yu Fan、陳冠豪 Chen Guan Hao、陳弘庭 Chen Hong Ting、Christopher Adams高媛 Gao Yuan李承道 Lee Chen Dao、李默父 Lee Mo Fu、盧昉 Lu Fang、Bryan Ida、Rine Boyer、呂浩元 Lu Hao YuanMiguel BorjaNina Hsu長坂繪夢Nagasaka Emu盧淳天 NO Sooncheon曾品潔 Pin Tseng佐垣慶多 Sagaki KeitaSimon CarrSusan Bass、Taufik Erams、Trey Barnett、森村泰昌 Yasumasa Morimura 


With the art dinner "Portraits – The way in", Kay curated a unique menu. Although she doesn’t think of herself as having the artistic skills to draw or paint portraits, she wants to focus on her specialty, the color, smell, and taste of the cuisine. After all, the taste, the aroma, and plating and the overall design of a dish is essentially an art of the dining-table.



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