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【TAIWAN Brian】一個諷刺插畫家的日常練習 A Daily Practice of a Sarcastic Cartoonist


「現在有田的地方,好像都變成小伯朗了吧」Brian 訕笑著,嘉義番路鄉人,政大英文系畢業。 典型憤青一枚,畢業後在鏡週刊擔任專欄插畫家,專門畫些諷刺漫畫。滿腹牢騷的他,索性幹起教育事業,當起老師,目前任教於台中英文派跨領域藝術學校。

在鏡週刊當諷刺漫畫家時,需要吸收很多社會等等的負能量,才有辦法從中找到幽默,在畫作中透過詼諧反諷的方式把他呈現出來。在作畫時的憤怒與荒謬感成為了他的靈感來源。 旅行也給了他養分,他發現在旅行路途上的放鬆感更加映襯出鄉下田畝周遭交通號誌的突兀與令人分心,這樣的經驗使他開始尋找「理所當然」。起初只是因為好玩,不盡然需要傳達些甚麼,為了聊表心意開始將「理所當然」賦予「獨特」,拒絕簡單與無聊。從最直觀的「像甚麼」開始,Brian 找出專屬於他腦迴路的詮釋方式,從事物的外觀、顏色、目的榫接,在異質物上映射出相似之處,最後再揉合 Brian 對於社會議題的觀點,迸發出屬於他的作品獨一無二的詼諧魅力。

"Art is voice!" 他說道。

"Now seems any place with rice field is considered as mini Mr. Brown Avenue.", Brian said sarcastically. Brian is from Fanlu Township, Chiayi. He graduated from the English department of NCCU and is a typical hipster. After he graduated from school he worked in Mirror Media as an illustrator and was specialized in sarcastic cartoon and comics. Since he was full of grumbles, he decided to switch over to education and became a teacher. Now he is teaching in English Pie Art School in Taichung.

When he was working in Mirror Media as a sarcastic cartoonist, he needs to absorb a lot of negative energy from society to develop humor and present it in his drawing. Anger and ridiculousness become his inspiration for creativity.

Traveling also inspires Brian a lot. He finds the relaxing feeling during his trip strengthens the absurdity and distraction of traffic signals in the countryside. Such experience makes him focus on finding the so-called 'normal things'. It was just for fun at the beginning. He wasn’t trying to convey any message. Later he started to give uniqueness to these 'normal things'. He refuses to take thing for granted. He tries to find out what looks similar to those 'normal things' and he always has his own unique interpretation. From the appearance, color, purpose of the item, he tries to find similarity in totally different objects. He also combines his observation of different social issues to his artworks and presents them in a humorous and attractive way.

"Art is voice!", Brian said.

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