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【傅浩軒 Fu Hau Shiuan】RingRing & Census


1981年生於桃園市的藝術家 傅浩軒 Fu Hau Shiuan,藉由在街頭速寫募款的經驗,善於觀察擷取臉譜,在即時而短暫的片段中賦予圖騰象徵上的意義。傅浩軒選擇以「戒指」作為其畫作中的麥高芬,使用磁磚、珊瑚等撿拾物 (found object) 做為表徵,探詢人-人、人-自然甚至國-國的連結,以及彼此間所承載的「約定」。 在傅的《未出世的下一代》中,給予了珊瑚「胚胎」的意象,被撿拾物的落塵與污漬所覆蓋,經由戒台承載,巧妙的指涉了吾輩將環境的重擔交棒與後代的「約定」,孔隙中蟄伏的枝芽則映照出幽微的希望。《戶籍調查》中,傅以樹代人,舉行了屬於城市內植栽的源流追溯,根自同一片山林,為什麼蛋黃區豪宅的蓊鬱會與有別於文教區陽台的靈巧可愛?而那原處的蒼勁已經查無此樹了?最後,以樹見人。 傅浩軒使用對撿拾物物件的想像,對社會與空間,與人的交錯關係做出投射,結合自己獨特的生命經驗,在傅的油畫中詮釋出特異、蕭瑟破碎卻又掙扎向上的「約定」樣態。

Artist Fu Hau-Shiuan was born in 1981 in Taoyuan. Through the experience of sketching on the street, he developed skills of observing and drawing very quickly. In the "Oil on Canvas" series, Fu Hau-Shiuan uses the image of a ring as a symbol of 'promise' and 'agreement'. He uses tiles, corals and other found objects as symbols to explore the agreements and connections between 'people to people', 'people to nature' and even 'country to country'. In his painting “Unborn Generation”, Fu used a piece of coral to symbolize the 'embryo'. The object is covered with dust, stain, and held by a ring. This image implies human beings’ responsibilities of the environment is passing from our generation to the next generation as an agreement. And the sprouts growing from the holes in the coral represent hopes. In addition, in his other painting "Census1 Daan and ZhongZheng districts, Taipei City", Fu used 'trees' to symbolize 'Humans'. Those trees in cities are tracing their ancestry. Although they were from the same forest, they still couldn't find their originalities since trees living in the houses around the educational hub and the luxurious area look very different now. The artist is trying to identify trees to symbolize the personality, background of the tree owners. His artwork is the reflection on the imagination of the objects, society, space, and relationships between people and people together with his life influence.

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