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【狐偲私廚 La Renardiere】餐盤上的食物藝術 Art of a Plate



私廚狐偲主廚 Kay Huang,從成衣業半路出家,選擇一條不同以往的成為主廚之路。因為喜歡煮飯,喜歡舉辦 House Party,喜歡美食好酒,讓她決定前往法國巴黎藍帶學院習藝。

學成歸國後的 Kay,在許多朋友鼓勵之下,決定開一間隱身自家民宅的私廚,並在一年後,幸運地跟朋友們一起租下位於南京復興的一棟公寓,朋友在二樓經營線上酒窖、三樓則為藝文空間、四樓就是狐偲現在的所在地,Kay 希望大家來到狐偲,有在家用餐的親密感,短暫遠離喧囂的都市生活,放下正襟危坐的拘束,放鬆自在地,因此每個餐期堅持只接一組客人,就算兩個人也沒關係,享受簡單溫暖的美好時光。

Kay 沒有走向時下流行的創意料理,而是回歸傳統,用長時間烹製法國各地經典鄉村料理,像是法式油封鴨,不使用罐頭鴨油,而是自己煉製,多次嘗試找到適合的香料比例與時間溫度,或許有些人會覺得未必要花那麼多時間備料,但她說,「我樂在其中,享受過程,或許你以為人們會吃不出來,但其實久而久之很多人吃得出來用心與熱情是真的」。

Kay 精心設計 Portraits-The way in 的藝術餐會菜單,她坦言她是一個非常不會畫畫的人,所以一開始接到這個邀約有點苦惱,最後決定從色香味來著手,從食材的味道、香氣、擺盤到設計理念,其實皆是食物的藝術。

Portraits-The way in 肖像:探幽之徑

菜單內容: 少女 - 繽紛 | 雀躍 | 甜美 | 純淨 美女 - 芬芳 | 嬌豔 | 華麗 紳士 - 煙草 | 黑色 | 陽剛 | 皮革 老人 - 落葉 | 夕陽 | 歷練 | 大地 嬰兒 - 柔軟 | 奶香 | 粉嫩

Kay Huang, the chef at private kitchen La Renardiere came into fine-dining from the clothing industry and became a chef.

Because of her passion for the culinary culture, wine-tasting and house parties, she decided to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to fulfill her love for food. Upon her return back home, she set up a private kitchen at her own place with the support of her friends. A year after, together with her friends, Kay rented an apartment building in Taipei. The location houses a wine-cellar for her friend’s online wine-business on the second floor, an art space on the third, and her private kitchen La Renardiere on the fourth.

With La Renardiere, Kay wants her guests to feel the intimacy of home-dining, to leave the hustle and bustle of urban living behind, to discard the formalities and really feel at ease. That is why only one group of guests will be served during a dining-session, even if it’s only a party of two. Kay hopes all the guests can have a hearty, welcoming, yet simple experience.

While fusion cuisine may be the hottest trend in the culinary scene, Kay wants to go back to keep things traditional. The time-consuming technique of the French kitchen is at the heart of La Renardiere. There won’t be any canned duck fat used in the process of making the duck confit here. In fact, La Renardiere only uses home-made duck fat that has to go through the long process of making, tasting, and testing only to find the perfect balance of time, temperature and the right amount of spices. Some might see the long process unnecessary. "I feel passionate about the food and I enjoy the process of making it, as time goes by, many people actually taste the difference and feel my genuine passion.", she said.

With the art dinner "Portraits – The way in", Kay curated a unique menu. Although she doesn’t think of herself as having the artistic skills to draw or paint portraits, she wants to focus on her specialty, the color, smell, and taste of the cuisine. After all, the taste, the aroma, plating and the overall design of a dish is essentially an art of the dining-table.

Portraits – The way in dining-menu:

The Teenage Girl – Colors | Excitement | Sweetness | Purity The Beauty – Aroma | Tenderness | Grandeur The Gentleman – Tobacco | Black | Masculinity | Leather The Old Man – Autumn leaves | Setting sun | Memories | Earth The Infant – Light softness | Milky aroma | Baby pink


邀請您參與 Portraits-The way in 肖像:探幽之徑 藝術餐會,與主廚 Kay 一同解鎖 🗝 有菜單又無菜單的味覺饗宴,進入「肖像」主題帶來的藝術飲食深度體驗。

We invite you to be part of this amazing dining-experience at Portraits – The way in, to explore the menuless menu of this incredible feast with the theme of portraits! - 時間 Time:6:30PM - 10:00PM, August 9-11, 2019 地點 Place: 狐偲 La Renardiere 了解更多與訂票連結 EXPLORE MORE INFO & BOOK TICKETS: - 協辦單位 Co-organizer: 多納藝術 Donna Art

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