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Manifesto 宣言42
April 26th, 2022- June 5th, 2022







This is the first time I’ve publicly shown many of these artworks from my collection in one setting.


Some of the works are by well-known artists and some are not. I love them all. They tell a story about my journey as an artist, educator, spiritual seeker, husband, parent, and lover of life.

Ultimately I hope it inspires others to collect their own stories through the manifestation of art.



凱薩(Cesar Reyes)是一位擁有多重身分的藝術家、美學教育者、音樂家、藝術收藏家,也是 The Studio的創辦人之一。旅居非常多不同的地區,包含德州、墨西哥市、檀香山、紐約與台北,也使身為一位藝術藏家的凱薩的蒐藏品十分多元,對於作品有著不同角度的見解跟回憶。

​Cesar Reyes is a man with multiple identities.
He is an artist, art collector, educator, spiritual seeker, husband, parent, and lover of life. He travels and lives in different regions around the world, including Mexico, Texas, Honolulu, New York and Taipei. Which allowed him as an art collector to accumulate a wide variety of art collections and memories

Cesar is also one of the founders of THE STUDIO, where he is dedicated to bringing art into daily life.


 Drink With The Collector 5/14 (Sat) 13:00-17:00


Come enjoy a glass of wine with Cesar with his insight of the artworks

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