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Extended Self 物我

2020 March 21 to April 30

      THE STUDIO presents "Extended Self", the inaugural exhibition at The Art Space from March 21st to April 30th.

     "What would you take if your house is on fire" is the essential question our inaugural exhibition “Extended Self” tries to respond to. The exhibition assembles artworks from 7 artists and objects from 15 collectors. They all indicated one thing: they are part of the owner; the owner’s extended self. Regardless of the functionality and practicality of the object, it bears the owner’s thoughts, feelings, and memory. Combining living space, everyday objects, and artworks, the exhibition delves into the intimate stories between the owners and their chosen objects and explores the connection between them. 

Artists:Lin Chuan-Chu, Lan Chung-Hsuan, Bing Wen, Chu Shu-Chu, Lee Chi-Hsiang, Lin Shu-Kai, Christopher Adams

Collectors: Jeek Pan, Yang Chen, Ray Lee, Donna Chen, Brenda Wang, Vivian Yang, Sean Shen, and others.

THE STUDIO 啟用新空間 The Art Space by THE STUDIO,並舉辦首檔展覽「物我 Extended Self」,本展覽採預約制,歡迎預約參觀。


參展藝術家:林銓居、藍仲軒、溫岳彬、朱書麒、李吉祥、林書楷、Christopher Adams
參展收藏家:Jeek Pan、陳子洋、Ray Lee、Donna Chen、王采玉、楊仁亞、沈耿立與多位匿名藏家


The Art Space by THE STUDIO


2F., No. 142, Sec. 3, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105


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