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【Christopher Adams】 從底片到數位 From Film Photography to Digital

Matt Hope (Ace Gallery, 2015)

Christopher Adams,一位程式工程師與攝影創作者。 從小環繞在家庭旅遊的 Kodachrome 彩色幻燈片中,在 90 年代,當時還是一位高中生的他,買了一台上面仍寫著「USSR 蘇聯製造」的小型 35mm 相機,它跟著 Christopher 到美國、歐洲,最後也伴著他來到了亞洲,這些因子開啟了他對攝影的興趣。

然而,就算有著電機相關背景的他,當數位攝影革命來臨時,也招架不住。推陳出新的功能無法滿足他過往對影像畫質的堅持,也逐漸影響了他對攝影的喜愛。這個新時代的來臨,從黑白來到彩色,從底片來到數位,他便決定在 2003 年暫別攝影,直到 2007 年的一場邂逅,再度開啟他對攝影的熱誠。

Raúl Gasque (Yangmingshan, 2019)

2007年,在一次雜誌採訪中‭,認識了‬致力推廣公眾授權的創用CC‭ ‬(Creative Commons)執行長 伊藤穰一 Joi Ito,同時也是位攝影愛好者的伊藤,尋訪各地為友人拍攝,也將作品公開分享到維基百科與其他平台上。隔年,Christopher 與 伊藤 的合作也在他們討論彼此對攝影的喜好時誕生了,決定共同出版一本關於自由文化運動 (Free Culture Movement)成員真實寫照,名為《自由靈魂:捕獲和釋放》(英文:FREESOULS: Captured and Released 的書籍,由伊藤擔任作者、Christopher 擔任編輯,於 2008 年正式出版。 最終,這一場夢幻般合作的結晶,便是促使 Christopher 在 2008 年回歸攝影的助力,而這次他愛上了肖像攝影。一開始他使用了旁軸相機 (RF),並在 2018 年購入了人生第一台數位相機。


Yang Jun (Insomnia, 2011)

一直以來 Christopher 渴望能透過影像紀錄,將台北的展覽與藝術界相關的人事物產生連結,因此在這次藝術餐會中,他選擇了兩件在不同時間地點、使用不同攝影媒材的作品,但被攝者都是他的朋友,藝術家楊俊 Jun Yang。第一件作品是黑白底片,時光背景是已距離楊俊創立台北當代藝術中心幾年後的他;另一件則是今年在奧地利格拉茲 楊俊的個展中,使用數位相機所拍攝。

Christopher Adams, by You-Wei Chen

Zelda (Sanlitun, 2013)

Christopher Adams is a computer engineer and photographer. He came to photography through the Kodachrome slide shows of family events and vacations, and in high-school picked up small "Made in USSR" 35mm camera that would accompany him around the US, Europe, and later Asia.

Even though Christopher had studied computer science, he didn't follow photography into the digital revolution with its constant upgrade cycles, while his film camera sat unused. Ironically, it was a technology conference that would draw him back to photography.

Shao Yanpeng (Caochangdi, 2012)

In 2007, Christopher interviewed the CEO of Creative Commons, Joi Ito, for a magazine feature. Joi had been photographing his friends and acquaintances around the world, and sharing his work on Wikipedia and elsewhere. The following year, Christopher and Joi published a book based on this project, called "FREESOULS." This inspired Christopher to take up photography again and to focus on portraiture. He went back to film photography and started using rangefinders for the first time. He finally bought a digital camera in 2018.

Christopher saw a path for portrait photography in an age of social media where image and identity are linked. He recalled, "Joi used his photography as a way to get closer to people, to say something about them, and to share that closeness with others." Portraiture had an intrinsic value since you might be the only one with a camera, at that time, in that place, with that person, and your own vision.

Christopher wanted to create a link between this exhibition and the art community in Taipei. He selected two portraits of his friend, the artist Jun Yang, at two different times and places, using two different photographic media. The first one was taken on black and white film, a couple years after Jun founded the Taipei Contemporary Art Center. The second one was taken on a digital camera in 2019, during Jun's solo exhibition in Graz, Austria.

邀請您一同在 8/10 Portraits-The way in 肖像:探幽之徑 藝術餐會中,進入由這位攝影創作者 Christopher 拍攝的肖像世界 。

You are invited to join us on Aug 11 at one of the hidden private kitchens in Taipei to get to know this amazing artist, Christopher Adams - 時間 Time:6:30PM - 10:00PM, August 9-11, 2019 地點 Place: 狐偲 La Renardiere 了解更多資訊與訂票連結 Explore more info & Book Tickets:https://www.thestudio-invite.com/portraits - 協辦單位 Co-organizer: 多納藝術 Donna Art

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