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【呂浩元 Lu Hao Yuan】 自己 Me, Myself



他是一位創作者,因為不喜歡被稱爲是藝術家。 平時,他也在古董店擔任攝影師,因為他,喜歡老的東西。

對他來說,每個創作,唯一的核心價值就是「服務的對象就是他自己」。 創作題材從家人朋友的肖像畫、植物到古董收藏,用隱晦的方式,呈現當下的自己。 他彷彿堅毅的想在亂世中站穩步筏,不隨波逐流,也不喜好當今流行的事物,更不嚮往議題性敘事,而是靠直覺、幽默與娛樂自己的方式進行創作,因為任何物質與物體,只是相對於生命的存在罷了。




Lu Hao-Yuan once said, “Painting is my interest since I was a child. I hope that it will just be my interest as it always does.”

He is more like a creator because he doesn't like people calling him as an artist. Usually, he also works for an antique shop as a photographer because he likes old things.

For Lu, the only core value of each creation is that “he creates only for himself and will never go after what the audience is.”. His creation, from the portraiture of his family and friends, his favorite plants to his own antique collections, presents himself at a particular moment in an obscure way. He seems to be determined to not to follow the trend, and not to convey any current issue, but to create the creations by his intuition, humor in order to entertain himself. Plus, he feels that any substance and objects are just relative to the existence of life.

“The things I create, I just want to present how my life is or the sense of aesthetics.”, he said.

I think that Lu has a fascinating and romantic life. Some people may be like me, haven’t found any favorite things enough to make ourselves do another job to support things we love to do. Mostly, he will not allow interest (painting and drawing) become the pressure of his life.

At the end of the conversation, he said, "Painting should be as normal as eating and sleeping no matter you are having a good or bad mood. Because even if you are in a bad mood, you still have to eat, right? So painting is the most relatively common thing.”.

- 邀請您一同在 8/10 Portraits-The way in 肖像:探幽之徑 藝術餐會中,認識這位的創作者 呂浩元。

You are invited to join us on Aug 11 at one of the hidden private kitchens in Taipei to get to know this amazing artist, Lu Hao-Yuan. - 時間 Time:6:30PM - 10:00PM, August 9-11, 2019 地點 Place: 狐偲 La Renardiere 訂票連結 BOOK TICKETS: - 協辦單位 Co-organizer: 多納藝術 Donna Art

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